Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The start, at last!

Finally I have started working on my startup. I made it my new year resolution and have completed 15  days so far. Its time I should start logging things here.

So what really made me get started? Is my idea great? I don't know. But what keeps me less bothered about success (or failure, for that matter) is that couple of things are guaranteed: 1. I'll learn lots of new stuff, both technical and non-technical 2. I'll have a great story to tell. This made me to stop looking for that one great idea and start with the best idea that I got right now. Its just that I need to be prepared for any change or improvisation to the plan as I go forward.

Another thing that allowed me to start is the low risk. With my day job in place, what really am I losing? Money? It has cost me zero dollars so far (if we exclude the internet bill, which I was paying anyway) and I don't see any need of investing money till my v0.1 is ready. I intend to take some freelancer help at some point and also releasing the app would need some investment. But the cost would be so less that it does not even qualify as 'risk'. Time? How can following ones dream be wastage of time? Nothing is more exciting for me now and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Motivation was already there. Guaranteed success (as defined above) and low risk allowed me to follow my motivation. What has helped in the process is one more 'new year resolution' which I decided at the very last moment: To be an early riser. I have tried this so many times and failed that it has become a joke. But for last 15 days, I wake up early. I don't remember how I reached to this fantastic blog post, which motivated me to make this resolution. It helps me open my eyes in the morning and break my sleep. And my start up gives me motivation to get out of the bed. Assigning the best time of my day to my most important goal has been the single most productive thing for me. And it happened unintentionally.

It now amazes me how keeping low expectation and redefining the success criteria has got me going and how fear of failure had held me back. Let see how things shape up.



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