Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why I decided to dropout

Yesterday I communicated that I will be dropping out of BITS-Pilani MS (Computer Science) program which was sponsored by my employer and conducted in office premises every Saturday.

I already have a post graduate (M.Sc.) degree in Computer Science from University of Pune. Then why was I motivated to enroll to the MS program? Primarily to update my knowledge with latest technologies and brush up some of my basics in Algorithms, DS and OS. Secondary motivation of-course was to add one more degree to my resume.

Unfortunately even after begin topper in Algorithms class (with 97 out of 100) I never really learnt anything. The syllabus was way too primitive and too little. Other subjects were equally disappointing. After mid semester I had already stopped attending the lectures. I was not getting value for my time.

I learnt one subject though - Network Programming. I didn't have this subject for M.Sc. It was really challenging and fun to study. But the credit goes to the book that was used for the course - Richard Stevens and not to the faculty. I read the book and loved it. I didn't attend the lectures but read most of the syllabus.

I completed first semester and stood second in the class. Final grades will be distributed soon. But I didn't enroll for second semester. If I am going to learn through self study, I might as well save time in other formalities. Why waste time attending lectures and giving exams which don't lead to my goal?

But there is one more reason for dropping out. I want to focus more on my startup. I want to learn things that are useful for my startup. With day job filling all my weekdays, I can't waste my weekends doing something that is not going to contribute towards my startup. If I giving it a shot I might as well give my best.

The decision was not easy. I am going to miss few opportunities the course had to offer after completion. One being qualifying for Ph.D. 

I have unnecessarily increased the opportunity cost of my startup. Time will tell if I made the right decision.



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